Fresher than Fresh Fish

Fresh Fish - 14 Days Old
Frozen Fish - 4 Hours Old


Frozen-at-Sea Fish and Cold Water Prawns.

Frozen-at-sea fish and prawns are caught at their peak of quality and frozen within 4 hours giving the freshest and tastiest seafood! Boat caught and frozen within 4 hours of catch. 

 Farmed Fish and Seafood

Farmed fish and seafood such as salmon and warm water prawns are frozen within 4 hours of harvest.
Farm raised and harvested. 
Frozen within 4 hours of harvest.
Fresh fish and seafood caught and landed at main UK ports and sold frozen though normal distribution chain.
Fresh fish, which is caught and sold to a frozen packer, will be frozen within a day of arriving with the processor thereby ensuring it is frozen at fresh market quality, and ready for you to enjoy. Boat caught, and landed at market.
Sold at market and transported to processor on the same day.
Processed and frozen within 8 hours giving you optimum quality.



Fresh Fish

Caught in local waters and sold in a local market or direct from a boat to the consumer.

This is the freshest fish but volume is very low and you need to live near a local harbour to buy.
Boat caught, normally from a day boat.
Sold fresh to you within 2 days of catch.

Fresh fish (caught and landed at main UK ports and sold through normal distribution chain). This is perceived as being fresh fish but it can spend a long time within the food chain before it is sold fresh to you, the consumer, especially with modern chill techniques.

Boat caught, allowing sailing to fishing grounds of 3 days, fishing for 3-7 days and 3 days sailing to return to port.
Fish can be 10 days old by the time it reaches harbour.
Sold at market, processed and distributed to consumer within 4 days.
Then sold as fresh to consumer up to 14 days (2 weeks old) from catch, but can be longer depending on packaging and shelf life.

Chilled Fish

Chilled fish is often frozen fish, which has been defrosted and is then distributed through the chilled food chain.

Follows the same chain as fresh and frozen fish.
Predominantly frozen fish sold on the defrost.
Sold chilled to consumer.