Your fish will arrive frozen guaranteed.

We take your fish out of our freezers which run at -21°c. Our packers then assemble your order, placing them in thick polystyrene boxes. Slices of dry ice are added, the boxes are taped shut and finally shrink wrapped. The packages are put back in our freezer until the courier arrives between 2-3 pm each day. They are couriered overnight to their depots across the country and the following morning they are dispatched for delivery to your door. The dry ice which is much colder than your order at -60°c lasts about 24 hours, evaporating safely into thin air during that time. During this time your order will be maintained at less than -20°c ensuring that your order will be still completely frozen upon arrival. All you have to do is unpack it (being careful not to handle any of the dry ice packs that aren't totally evaporated) and place it in your freezer.