Fish of the month - April

Fish of the month - April

April's fish of the month is Tuna.
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Tuna is a saltwater fish and together with Mackerel Sharks are the only fish that can maintain a body temperature higher than that of the surrounding water. It is an active and agile predator with a sleek, streamlined body and is extensively fished commercially and is also popular as a game fish.

The Bluefin Tuna has been overfished in the Mediterranean in recent years and is no longer regarded as being sustainable on a commercial basis. Our Tuna is Yellowfin and is caught by pole and line in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean so can be eaten with a clear conscience.

 Tuna fish in the ocean

Tips for Cooking

Tuna has a wonderful velvety smooth texture. It has a delicate mouth feel and a mild somewhat meaty flavour.  It is best cooked just seared in a hot griddle pan which gives it a warm fish flavour on the outside with inside still tasting similar to raw.

Simple when cooked on BBQs or for classic, no fuss kitchen suppers such as our featured recipe of warm Tuna Nicoise with potatoes and Asparagus.

Recipe idea with Tuna

Tuna recipe from Frozen Fish Direct

Check out our special recipe by a top UK food blogger for this month's "Fish of the month".

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Wine Pairing

Because of the versatility of Tuna, it can be paired with many different wines. A simple guideline as to which wine to pair with Tuna is to first think about the way that it is going to be cooked. Is it rare, seared or is it going to incorporate Japanese or Asian flavours? In general the less-cooked the fish then the lighter the wine that should be served with it.

This month’s wine choices are all French and have been selected to perfectly match our Tuna Nicoise dish

Budget (£5.00-£6.00)

This classic Muscadet white wine available from Tesco at £5.00 per bottle has a delicious bright crisp fruit and vibrant citrus notes. It is made from Melon de Bourgogne grapes grown in the Loire Valley in France and is best served chilled.

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Medium Priced (£6.00-£7.00)

If you want to be adventurous try this excellent value-for-money Chinon red wine from Sainsburys’s at £7.00 per bottle. Made from Cabernet Franc grapes grown on the stony terraces and steep banks of the River Vienne in the French Loire Valley. This wine is packed with summer red fruit flavours, soft tannins and a pleasant degree of acidity which will match the seared Tuna perfectly. Drink at ambient temperature or preferably slightly chilled.

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Premium: (£8.00 - £12.00)

Try this 2015 Viognier Pays D’Oc available at £8.50 per bottle from Marks & Spencer in single bottles in store. It is a fruity and sumptuous dry white wine with aromas of white flowers and an exotic note of ginger and white peach. It is a soft and rounded  Southern French white wine which needs to be served well chilled.

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