Fish of the month - July

Fish of the month - July

July's fish of the month is Monkfish.
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Monkfish is a culinary delight. and works well both as a sophisticated dinner party dish (such as fish kebabs) or as a simple delicious weekday supper as in our recipe of the month which features a Monkfish curry and takes only ten minutes to prepare and twenty five minutes to cook.

A unique, firm-textured and meaty white fish, Monkfish has an extraordinary appearance, with a flattened head, tapering body and mottled-brown, glossy skin. Once the fish has been filleted and the central bone removed, there are no others and the flesh remains firm and does not break up during cooking.


The loose dark skin of this fish is easy to strip away, revealing a pink, glassy membrane that needs to be pulled away – if left on it will shrink around the meat during cooking, making it tough. Monkfish flesh is firm and perfect for stir-frying, barbecuing and pan-frying as well as for use in a traditional Latin American ceviche. Robust flavours, such as chilli, soy, sesame, Parma ham, chorizo and smoked paprika, all complement Monkfish very well.

Our Monkfish is sold in 1kg packs with skinless fillets of between 200 and 400g.

Recipe idea with Monkfish

Monkfish recipe from Frozen Fish Direct

Check out our special recipe by a top UK food blogger for this month's "Fish of the month".

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Wine Pairing

Full bodied dry white wines and light red wine all suit Monksih perfectly.

Budget (£5.00-£7.00)

Try a Soave Classico with tour featured recipe of ‘Quick Monkfish Curry’. It is an exceptionally elegant Italian white. Crisp, dry and aromatic wine, with flavours of peaches and almonds and a minerally finish. Made from'Garganega grapes grown in the Soave Classico region. The dryness in the wine works well to lighten up the creaminess in the dish and the strong aromas allow the wine to keep up with the fragrant dish rather than being drowned out by it

This offer from Waitrose at £6.79 per bottle is a great suggestion in our Budget priced section at £3.50-£7.00.

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Medium Priced (£7.00 - £10.00)

Lighter red wines can be great matches for some fish dishes particularly Monkfish.

Try this Jacktone Ranch Californian Pinot Noir available from Tesco at £8.00 per bottle.

It is a lovely, luscious red rich with classic Californian Pinot characteristics; dark cherry and plum fruits - This is deliciously medium-bodied, with flavours that go on and, on!

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Premium: (£10.00 - £15.00)

This 2015 Mâcon-Lugny available form Majestic Wine at £10.99 (for a mix 6 bottle price) or £12.99 for a single bottle is a delightful match with Monkfish kebabs.

The family-run négociant house of Maison Louis Latour has been producing and selling wines since 1797. The limestone-rich soils of the Lugny village produce rich, buttery yet still Burgundian styles of Chardonnay with which is typical of style of the Mâcon. Pale gold in colour, with a beguiling aroma of fresh apples, lemon curd and toasted citrus fruits atop a palate of fresh and crisp green-apple acidity, buttery and peachy fruit and a long, warming finish.

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