Fish of the month - March

Fish of the month - March

March's fish of the month is Barramundi.
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The Barramundi is also called Asian or Australian Sea Bass. The name Barramundi is aboriginal for ‘large-scaled river fish’.  Barramundi is extremely popular in Australia  both as a sportfish and  as food but it also features extensively in Thai, Goan and Bengali cuisine.

The popularity of Barramundi is partly due to its versatility as it can be pan-fried, roasted, steamed, barbecued or grilled hence suiting a variety of cuisine styles. Its popularity is also due however, to its beautiful flavour. When cooked Barramundi flesh becomes luscious and soft with a texture similar to butter with a mild salty taste.

Swordfish from Bradleys Frozen Fish Direct

Tips for Cooking

Simple when cooked on BBQs or for classic, no fuss kitchen suppers such as our featured recipe of oven-roasted Barramundi with herby potatoes; Barramundi will always delight.

Our Barramundi is supplied as boneless skin-on fillets with 4-5 in a 1kg pack.

Recipe idea with Barramundi

Sweet and Sour Swordfish recipe from Frozen fish direct

Check out our special recipe by a top UK food blogger for this month's "Fish of the month".

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Wine Pairing

Because of the versatility of Barramundi, it can be paired with many different wines. It really comes down to how the fish is going to be prepared and what it will be served with.

The old rule of red wine with meat and white wine with fish is really outdated and outmoded when it comes to a fish like Barramundi. Its sweet, succulent flesh is a perfect match for an un-oaked Chardonnay but it is also perfectly at home with a slightly chilled Pinot Noir. But stay away from big, full-bodied and tannic red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Budget (£5.00-£6.00)

This delicious, zingy and fruity South African Chenin Blanc white wine is packed full of mouth-watering flavours of tropical fruit and citrus zest which will suit grilled or BBQ’d  Barramundi perfectly and is available from Sainsbury’s at £6.00 per bottle. Serve well chilled.

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Medium Priced (£7.00-£8.00)

Try this Australian 2015 Riesling from Eden Valley available from Majestic Wine at £8.99 a bottle. Riesling is one of the most fashionable varieties currently being grown in Australia and this wine with its citrus and stone fruit notes and limestone minerality and crisp finish will prove to be a delightful match..

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Premium: (£10.00 - £15.00)

If you want to be adventurous try this elegant Tasmanian Pinot Noir with its bright flavours of wild raspberry and dark cherry and gentle notes of spice and dried herb. Served very slightly chilled this wine will prove to be a stunning partner for our featured recipe of oven-roasted barramundi with herby potatoes. Enjoy!

Available from Marks & Spencer at £15.00 per bottle which is sold singly in-store

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