Fish of the month - May

Fish of the month - May

May's fish of the month is King Scallops.
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King Scallops with Roe

King Scallops are most definitely shellfish royalty!

Scallops are characterised by offering two distinct flavours and textures in one shell. The meat, called ‘Scallop’ is firm and white and the ‘Coral’ or ‘Roe’ is soft and usually brightly coloured reddish-orange.

 King Scallops

Tips for Cooking

Scallops are very popular because they have a nice, clean taste and firm glistening sweet flesh and are very versatile. They are often used as a starter or as a canapé and pair very well with minted pea, red chillies, smoked bacon or black pudding or just served naturally with their own flavour making the statement.

Recipe idea with Scallops

King Scallops recipe from Frozen Fish Direct

Check out our special recipe by a top UK food blogger for this month's "Fish of the month".

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Wine Pairing

Because of the versatility of Scallops, it is a pleasure to match them with wines. The Scallop’s soft texture and gentle flavour means that they so not want to be paired with wines that are too strong. With King Scallops the wine needs to be subtle and restrained.
This month’s wine choices all originate from Western Europe, from Germany, Italy and Spain and are very interesting and different and will appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

Budget (£5.00-£6.00)

The sweetness and inherent richness of Scallops make Riesling a great choice of wine partner. Try this offer from Sainsbury’s at £5.00 per bottle. It is a medium-dry white wine with zippy citrus, lime and apple flavours which exemplifies the wines of the Rheinhessen region of Germany.

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Medium Priced (£6.00-£7.00)

Try this great Italian wine from Asda – extra special Gavi 2015 at £6.78 per bottle
Made from the local Cortese grape, Gavi is the only DOCG (the highest level of wine quality designation) for still white wines in Piedmont and one of only six (for still dry white wines) in the whole of Italy! The vines are located on a steep south facing hillside of chalky, mineral soil. This allows for the full ripening of the Cortese grape which adds weight and complexity to the wine.

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Premium: (£8.00 - £12.00)

Try this 2015 Albariño Martin Codax Rias Baixas from Majestic Wine at £10.99 per bottle (if you buy a mixed case of 6 bottles) or £13.49 per single bottle. Delicate peachy aromas with hints of spice, herbs and traces of sweet fruits, a fresh and crisp palate rounded by hints of honey, peaches and stone fruits, a medium body and with a floral finish which will match our featured recipe perfectly. Enjoy!

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2 Item(s)